Engel Statement On Reported Deal to Close Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Jan 6, 2017

Washington D.C. – Congressman Eliot L. Engel, a leading member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, issued the following statement on the reported deal to close the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant by 2021:

“As the first Member of Congress to call for the closing of Indian Point Power Plant many years ago, I am encouraged by reports that an agreement has been reached by Entergy and the State to close this dangerous nuclear facility by 2021. The risks associated with Indian Point have always been obvious and pronounced. From its close proximity to New York City, to its near constant maintenance issues, to the fact that it is built at the intersection of two active seismic fault lines, this plant has always been marred by inadequate planning and structural deficiencies. Add in the possible threats posed to the plant by terrorists agents and you have a potential powder keg waiting to erupt at any moment, threatening the health and well-being of millions of New Yorkers. Closing Indian Point will not only make our region safer, it will also encourage the continued implementation of newer, safer and more cost-effective sources of renewable energy. I look forward to the finalization of this agreement and I applaud Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Schneiderman, and their teams for making this plant closure a reality.”

Please note this press release was originally published on January 6, 2017 by Congressman Engel’s House of Representative’s office and posted to this website no sooner than 72 hours after initial publication.