Statement from Congressman Engel on Violence in Charlottesville Following White Supremacists Rally

Aug 13, 2017

New York—Congressman Eliot L. Engel issued the following statement in conjunction with a vigil in the northwest Bronx condemning the white supremacists rally in Charlottesville, VA:

“The white supremacists and nationalists who lined the streets of Charlottesville inciting violence the past few days are domestic terrorists. Calling them anything other than that is not just an affront to our values; it's dangerous. These men and women are filled with hate and have displayed a willingness to use violence as a means to push their racist, anti-Semitic beliefs. They represent the very worst of our country and every good citizen should stand against them in this critical moment.

“Today, I mourn the loss of life in this despicable display and pray no more innocent people are harmed or worse. The President condemned the violence 'on all sides' of this conflict, but there is only one side that deserves his condemnation. There is only one side spreading hatred and that side, the side of David Duke and the white supremacists, must be denounced in the strongest possible terms. The President should have done that yesterday in his remarks. He did not.”
Please note this statement was originally published on August 13, 2017 by Congressman Engel’s House of Representative’s office and posted to this website no sooner than 72 hours after initial publication.