Eliot secures over $12 million for CD 16 community health centers

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on New Yorkers, especially in communities of color. I am working to make sure that the response to Coronavirus takes this in account, and I am fighting for more Federal funds to support health care institutions that best serve all of our neighborhoods.

Community health centers are on the frontlines of the fight against Coronavirus, providing testing, treatment, and care to people in our Congressional District. The nurses and health care workers at these centers do an outstanding job in providing care to the community. And they are doing an amazing job under incredibly difficult circumstances.

On April 4th I led the New York Congressional Delegation in demanding that the Health Resources and Services Administration prioritize funding to New York State’s health centers. On April 8th they announced over $76 million for New York State health centers including these funds for centers that provide care for folks in our district:

$5.8 Million for Hudson River Health Care Center
$2.5 Million for Bronx Community Health Network
$2.1 Million for Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Centers
$2 Million for Open Door Family Medical Center

We must support our frontline healthcare workers, particularly in areas where this crisis is hitting so hard. I’m committed to continuing this fight in Congress.

Let’s keep fighting together. Stay Safe.


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