Maxine Waters: Vote for Eliot Engel

Can I ask you for a favor? I want you to make sure you get your absentee ballot in for my friend, Congressman Eliot Engel – or make plans to vote safely in the June 23rd Democratic primary. 

Why? Because Eliot is the clear progressive choice! I need him here with me in Washington, in Democratic leadership, fighting hard against the worst abuses of Trump and the Republicans. 

You know that I don’t shy away from a political fight – and neither does Eliot Engel. 

Time and again, when his voice has been needed on civil rights, equality for women, gun safety legislation, the minimum wage, affordable housing, and our environment Eliot has always been there, helping to lead the way. 

He’s a true progressive. We absolutely need to return his experience and deep commitment to Congress – particularly now as we fight to take back the White House. 

Please join me in supporting Congressman Engel today. 

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

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