NEWS: Governor Andrew Cuomo Endorses Eliot Engel in Democratic Primary

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Statement by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo:

These are incredibly challenging times for our state and for this nation, but as we’ve done time and again, New York rises to meet that challenge head on. To do that, we need proven, senior leadership now more than ever – people who are New York tough – and Eliot Engel embodies that, delivering for this state and his constituents time and time again.

Eliot stands tall for New York.  He has a proven record of fighting for – and delivering – Federal resources, and is an unwavering voice for progress and change for the people of the Bronx and Westchester.

New York State is facing an historic crisis, and we need the Federal Government to provide critical assistance if we are going to recover.  In order for that to happen, we need Congress members who can TRULY deliver for New York State, and do it quickly.

I endorse Eliot Engel because I know that he will lead the fight for New York, and that he will succeed.

That is why today I am proud to join with so many of his colleagues – from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Whip James Clyburn to Chairman Hakeem Jeffries – in supporting Eliot Engel in the Democratic Primary.

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