Eliot believes all of our children have the right to a free, quality public education. He champions programs such as Head Start to help close the education gap among communities. School budgets in all communities are stretched thin. Since the majority of school funding comes from state and local taxes, the loss of State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions disproportionally impacts our schools. Eliot wrote and introduced the STATE AND LOCAL TAX DEDUCTION FAIRNESS ACT to repeal the cap on SALT.

  • Eliot has consistently voted to increase federal funding for public schools.
  • Eliot has worked to bring millions of Federal Title 1 education funds to our Bronx and Westchester schools.
  • Eliot co-sponsored the CLOSING THE HOMEWORK GAP THROUGH MOBILE HOTSPOTS ACT to create mobile hotspots for low-income students.
  • Eliot supports free post high school in-state tuition for low and middle income students and supported NY’s Excelsior program.
  • He co-sponsored the COLLEGE AFFORDABILITY ACT.
  • Co-sponsored the PELL GRANT PRESERVATION AND EXPANSION ACT to expand eligibility and make funding mandatory.
  • Advocates taking action to end the student loan crisis by refinancing loans at today’s low interest rates, and ending the logjam of processing predatory lending complaints from for-profit schools.

Eliot says, “Education was the key that lifted me from a childhood in public housing to the United States Congress. Every child deserves this opportunity to maximize their potential and pursue their dreams, without the burden of staggering debt.”

Eliot is endorsed by NYSUT, the union of New York State teachers.


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