Eliot is a leader in working to protect our environment and has fought against every Trump anti-environment action and proposal.

  • He is an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal to create jobs as we build a new, green economy that produces renewable fuels and converts our infrastructure to clean energy sources.
  • He has opposed and voted “no” on all anti-environmental legislation that would weaken our environmental protection laws or cut funding for environmental programs.
  • Eliot opposed the Williams Pipeline, an unnecessary pipeline that would have transported fracked gas from Texas.
  • Eliot sponsored the law that provided millions of dollars to restore and protect the Long Island Sound; he is a member of the Long Island Sound Caucus.
  • Successfully fought against putting Coast Guard anchorage sites for barges carrying hazardous materials on the Hudson.

Said Eliot to then head of the EPA Scott Pruitt at a committee hearing, “your agency is willfully ignoring sound science and stripping the protections that keep millions of Americans safe.  You are making our water less safe to drink, and our air less safe to breathe.  You are increasing our exposure to more dangerous chemicals, and you are making our planet less healthy for our children and our grandchildren.”

Eliot has a 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters, Clean Water Action, the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund and the National Parks Action Fund. He has been endorsed by the Sierra Club.

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