Having safe, affordable housing is a right, not a privilege reserved for a select few. Eliot knows this first-hand; he grew up in the Bronx in a New York City Housing Authority building, then spent twenty-six years living in Co-op City, which is still the largest affordable housing development in the country.

The lack of affordable housing disproportionally affects seniors and communities of color. Too many people, even in middle income communities, are spending well over 50% of their monthly income on housing and as a result too little is left over for food, health care and other necessities.  This must end.

  • Eliot is a   Co-Sponsor of the Housing is Infrastructure Act, which will help end this crisis by investing  $100 billion dollars in housing and creating new affordable housing- 

               o    $70 billion to existing public housing, with $32 billion                            earmarked for NYCHA capital improvements,                                     including upgrading elevators and heating                                         systems

               o    $5 billion to the Housing Trust Fund to build housing                        that will be affordable to low income households.

                o    $10 billion to the Community Block Grant to be used                         as -incentives for cities and states to create                                      expedited processes for affordable housing                                        approval

                o    $5 billion to fund building, buying and renovation of                         affordable homes through the HOME Investment                             Partnership Program.

  • Authored legislation, signed into law, requiring NYCHA to provide sufficient heat during winter months
  • Led the New York Congressional delegation to demand heating action plans from NYCHA
  • Co-sponsored the Lead Free Future Act, providing $12 Billion funding to remediate lead paint in public housing.
  • Secured over $8 million in federal grants to fund new affordable housing and fight homelessness in Mt. Vernon, Yonkers and New Rochelle
  • Co-sponsored the Affordable Housing Credit Act to increase development of affordable housing.

Says Eliot “Everyone deserves to live in a safe, comfortable and affordable home. We need to think boldly and take real action to address the lack of affordable housing in America.”


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