Trump’s inhumane, xenophobic policies must end. Eliot is committed to taking quick action to deal with Trump’s manufactured crisis and pass comprehensive immigration reform:

  • Co-Sponsor of H.R. 6, the DREAM AND PROMISE ACT, passed by the House in June, 2019 to provide a pathway to residency and citizenship for Dreamers (DACA), those with Temporary Protective Status (TPS) and those with Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status.
  • Voted Yes on the Resolution to terminate Trump’s Emergency Declaration to build his worthless wall.
  • Led two Congressional Delegations to Central America and the Mexican border to investigate the root cause of the migration and refugee crisis.
  • Denounced Trump’s separation of families at the border and personally toured a facility in Westchester to ensure children illegally separated from their families were well cared for.
  • Blocked Trump’s efforts to limit asylum seekers at the border.
  • Demanded Westchester immigrants who were moved to horrific conditions in Alabama be returned to New York and an investigation into misuse of federal funds at the facility.

Eliot says, “Our country has long been known as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to those seeking a better life. We need both 21st century border security and immigration reform to hold true to our values while protecting our nation.”

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