JObs and the Economy

Economic growth that includes well-paying new jobs is essential for our Congressional District and country. Trump likes to tout economic growth which he inherited from President Obama, but Eliot knows far too many people are not getting those gains. Unemployment is low, but wage growth remains sluggish under Trump and underemployment is a real problem.

We must transform our economy and create employment opportunities that will provide people the income they need to have economically secure lives. Eliot is working to do this:

  • He co-sponsored and voted for the RAISE THE WAGE ACT for $15 per hour Federal minimum wage.
  • Supports a Green New Deal that will create millions of new jobs while moving us to completely renewable sources of energy.
  • Co-sponsored and voted to pass the PAYCHECK FAIRNESS ACT to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
  • Co-sponsored NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT BANK ACT to fund infrastructure projects and create new jobs
  • Worked to get the Metro North rail plan that will provide convenient access to and from Penn Station and Westchester, with four new stations in the East Bronx, including one at Co-op City. This will mean better access to jobs and employment opportunities. 
  • Co-sponsored the REBUILD AMERICA’S SCHOOLS ACT to provide funds for public school improvements that will not only improve schools but create jobs.

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