Energy and the Environment

Eliot is a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Power and co-Chair of the Oil and National Security Caucus.

He has voted to support the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, Superfund, land preservation, nuclear waste cleanup, boosting energy efficiency, and funding for enforcement of environmental laws.

Eliot introduced the Open Fuel Standard Act that would require new automobiles to be capable of using fuels in addition to, or instead of, gasoline, such as natural gas, electricity, bio-diesel or hydrogen. He has worked to protect New York’s drinking water and has secured millions of dollars to protect our watersheds.

An opponent of fracking, Eliot is a co-sponsor of the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act that will strictly regulate the practice of fracking and protect the quality of our water supply.

The New York League of Conservation Voters has endorsed Eliot Engel.