Putting Americans Back to Work

When the Great Recession began under President Bush in December 2007, Eliot Engel supported action to put America back to work.

He worked to pass the Economic Stimulus Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, laws that created or saved over 2.1 million jobs.

These laws are helping end the Recession and put our country on the track to economic recovery. There is a lot more that must be done, but the Republican controlled House consistently blocks necessary action.

There has been private sector job grown each and every month since March 2010.

Eliot supports legislation to rebuild and modernize our infrastructure, including a new Tappan Zee bridge, and improve our mass transit. This would create over 2 million jobs. He has brought back millions from Washington to make improvements in the Bronx and Westchester, creating jobs in our communities.

Eliot is fighting to close tax loopholes that encourage companies to send American jobs overseas, and to end tax breaks for big oil.

He fought to make sure the payroll tax cut was continued, saving middle class Americans an average of over $1,000 a year.